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GRS Micro Liting

All GRS Micro Liting electronic products are handcrafted in our own U.S. facility using only the highest grade state-of-the-art components. Each is designed to operate over the wide range of low voltages available to the modeler. All circuits have built-in voltage regulation and automatic overload protection to fully assure the longest possible lamp life. Hookups are simple, 2-wire types, and each product comes with easy-to-understand instructions. Our quality 1.5 volt micro bulbs have negligible heat output and can be safely installed in any plastic, wood or metal model.

Thousands of modelers worldwide are using our unique products not only in Z thru G scale model trains and layouts, but are also finding them extremely useful in all sizes of static model airplanes, boats, cars and dioramas.

All products shown are normally stocked in depth and are usually shipped within 24 hrs. after receipt of order.

 GRS Micro Liting

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