Half-Scale (1/24) Lamps

As space limitations become more of a consideration, half-scale dollhouses are now more in vogue than ever before. Unfortunately, up to this time, a faithful reproduction of full-size lamps in this scale has not existed in production quantities. That is, until now! Cir-Kit Concepts is proud to introduce a complete line of lamps that have been specifically designed for half-scale dollhouses.

But scale alone is insufficient if the lamps are difficult to install or repair. Both concerns have been addressed in the design of these new lamps. To ease installation, each chandelier and wall sconce comes with a "to scale" adapter that can be used to make the fixture a true plug-in. (Instructions are included illustrating how the adapter may be attached.)

Each floor and table lamp also comes with a Cir-Kit plug for optional use. All lamps feature 24" long wire with a larger plug attached for those wishing to use a power strip.

Considering the tiny size of the lamps; it would seem unlikely that the bulbs could be replaced. However, such is not the case; all bulbs ARE replaceable. A proprietary Cir-Kit Concepts design feature uses the shades to hold the bulb in place. Once the shade is removed, the bulb may be replaced.