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Our plug-in transformers provide a safe and convenient power source for any dollhouse or miniature room. All Cir-Kit Concepts' transformers are designed to plug directly into a powered outlet, thus eliminating the need of building a special transformer enclosure within the dollhouse.

Our DC output transformers are a marked improvement over our prior AC models. They provide a steady 12 volt output, whereas the AC style had a higher output voltage with light loads and a lower voltage at heavy loads. The higher voltage was hard on bulbs and the lower voltage resulted in dimmer lights. The DC transformers are completely solid state allowing a constant 12 volts at all load levels. They also have many safety features including short circuit and current overload protection. They are virtually burn-out proof. The all electronic design also results in a much improved efficiency over that of AC versions.

DC Model Transformers:


Continental Europe

U.S./Canadian Transformers
These transformers have straight blade pins and are designed primarily for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as certain other countries, such as Japan.

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*Circuit breaker protected

Transformer Plug Configurations
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UK/Continental Transformers
Cir-Kit Concepts also produces the CK1009A, CK1009C and CK1009D transformers, with circuit breakers, in UK and European continental versions.   The capacities are the same as for the US/Canadian versions.

CK 1009 D (Cont.)*
12V, 40W
Table Model Transformer

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*Circuit breaker protected