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Our CK104 kit was developed especially for round wiring enthusiasts and includes the most comprehensive and exhaustive round wire instructions ever written.  Profusely illustrated, the instruction book contains a wealth of new wiring techniques and electrification tips.  The instructions cover the wiring of both open back and open front type dollhouses or combinations thereof.  In addition, separate sections are included describing both surface and routed wire layouts.

1 CK1008-3 Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch and spade lugs)
1 CK1009C 12V, 20W Plug-In Transformer (w/built-in circuit breaker)
1 CK1010-4 12V GOR Bulb
1 CK1015-2 Instruction Book
1 CK1025-3 No. 66 Bit
2 CK1031 Headless Pins (approx. 36)
1 NPN Map Tack
2 CK1033-3 Clear Heat Shrink Tubes (12 pak)
2 CK1049-1 4 Pole Terminal Blocks
1 CK1049-4 Terminal Block Jumpers (6 pak)
1 CK203 25' Minature "Zip" Cord
1 CK203-1 15' Feeder Wire
1 CK204 Test Probe