Dual Action Litebars

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Our dual action litebars are aptly named in that each light is independent of the other, thus allowing them to operate in the same fashion as their full-size counterparts. This non-synchronous operation is achieved by the inclusion of one controlling circuit board for each light. In so doing, the litebar achieves a remarkably realistic operation and a truly exciting rotating effect.




Small Scale Litebars
The GRS1008 Litebar kit is designed for HO and N scale vehicle and come with roof-mounted lenses, two circuit boards and a separating siren housing. The lens colors are 2 red and 2 blue.

Two clear 1.5 volt micro bulbs are included, one for each lens. Overall, the "litebar" measures 0.7"L X 0.145"W X 0.15"H. The width of the siren housing can be cut back for narrower vehicles.

Large Scale Litebar Lighting Kit
The GRS1008-4 kit has been developed primarily for large-scale model vehicles with a litebar already attached to the roof. Two clear 3.0 volt GOR bulbs are included, one for each lens. These bulbs provide the extra light needed for the large lenses. As with the preceding litebars, one circuit board is provided for each bulb for a comletely independent and random sequence of light operation.