GRS1013 - Ultimate Arc Welder

  • Model: GRS1013


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Over the years, many manufacturers have tried to replicate the look of a prototypical arc welder in action. Frankly, most were not very good renditions. Here at GRS, we believe we have really succeeded in creating the Ultimate arc welding simulator. The brilliance, color, and totally sporadic action generated by this new device can only be described as ..... well.... "Spectacular"! In order to make it adaptable for virtually all modeling scales, it features two user controls; one adjusts "the action", and the other the lamp brightness. The unit is completely assembled so absolutely no soldering is required. The welding effect is created by the use of two special "high - intensity", custom-colored, arc blue and arc rose 3-volt GOR bulbs. Complete instructions, lighting tips, and all required installation materials round out this very unique product. Power requirements are 12-20 volts ac or dc.