CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket

  • Model: CK1047-1


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If you're looking for a quick and easy indirect lighting source, the CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket is the answer.  With this special socket you can add a light at any point on the CK1047 Vignette Light Set or on a standard 18 gauge lamp cord.

The CK1047-1 allows the connection of one, two, or more bulbs on a cord.  This is the ideal solution if more light is required for backlighting a miniature room but only one cord is available.  No transformer is required, only a 115 vac wall outlet.  Each socket comes with its own 115 vac, 4-watt, low heat bulb.  The easy slide together assembly makes installation a snap.  Complete instructions included with each package.