CK1008-4 Power Strip with Switch and Fuse

  • Model: CK1008-4


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Our CK1008-4 Power Strip comes with 12 outlets, 2 amp fuse, power slide switch, blown fuse indicator light, and lead-in wire with spade lugs. It can handle up to 32 standard 12V light bulbs (60 milliamps) or 2,000 milliamps.

If you have more than 32 light bulbs, you can hook up two power strips to one transformer by placing one spade lug from each power strip under one screw of the transformer. Do the same with the other spade lug from each power strip. This will allow up to 64 light bulbs spread across 2 power strips.

The blown fuse indicator light only turns on when the fuse is blown and a short circuit or overload condition exists. It will also turn on when one or more working light bulbs are plugged in. They will become less bright as more bulbs are added. This is a design feature and still indicates a blown fuse.

*Transformer not included. Replacement fuse: CK1024 2 Ampere Fuse. Compatible with CK1004-3 Male Plug.