CK871 12V Ultimate Flickering Fireplace Unit

  • Model: CK871


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Our new CK871 Ultimate Flickering Fireplace Unit has been designed to provide the most realistic flickering fire effects available anywhere. Its features create a natural, true-to-life fireplace flicker and not the usual on/off operation. In other words, no more flashing, just a gentle realistic flicker to put warmth and glow into your fireplace and lights.

The unit comes with four bulbs; three flicker and one constant. Each flicker bulb is controlled by a separate electronic circuit, thus creating its own independent flash rate. The supplied bulbs can be installed either in the supplied coal insert or used separately in an existing fireplace.

  • The included bulbs are oversize to provide the maximum possible light output and are attached with screws for easy removal and replacement; Not soldered in place.
  • Operates from dollhouse power (either 12VAC or 12VDC) and is guaranteed not to flicker other dollhouse lights.
  • Small circuit board size (1W X 1 3/4L X 3/4H) allows easy concealment.
  • Complete installation and operation instructions are included with each package.
  • The CK871 can also be used to create a flickering Christmas tree. Simply use CK1020-1 or CK1020-2 Xmas strings in lieu of the supplied bulbs for a dramatic Christmas tree display.
  • Replaceable light bulbs available CK1010-33A or CK1010-33B.

Coal Insert

Coal inserted in fireplace