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CK1020-12 48 Bulb 12V Colored Xmas Strings


Model: CK1020-12
Price: $50.96

The CK1020-12 forty-eight bulb light strings have the same characteristics as their 12, 24, and 36 bulb counterparts. The lighted section measures 53 ... more info
CK1020-9 36 Bulb 12V Clear Xmas String


Model: CK1020-9
Price: $37.96

The CK1020-9 thirty-six bulb light strings have their GOR bulbs spaced at 1" intervals giving a lighted section of 38 1/2". Overall length ... more info
CK1023-2 Large Hollow Eyelets (20 pak)


Model: CK1023-2
Price: $1.48

Most imported lamps come equipped with a larger but not to scale Hong Kong type plug. For those not wishing to discard this plug, our CK1023-2 ... more info
CK1023-2(B) Large Hollow Eyelets (100 pak)


Model: CK1023-2(B)
Price: $5.96

For those not wishing to discard the CK1004-3 plug, our CK1023-2 eyelets provide a simple alternative. First, using the plug attached to the lamp as ... more info
CK1023-6 Spring Loaded Eyelets (2 pak)


Model: CK1023-6
Price: $2.96

These eyelets are included with all fixture adapters and CK1011 switches. They firmly grasp the plugged in device and hold it firmly to the ceiling ... more info
CK1026 In-Line Fuseholder


Model: CK1026
Price: $1.75

The CK1026 in-line fuseholder is used in conjunction with the CK1024 series of fuses for system protection. Easily assembled, the fuseholder connects ... more info


These cords have been developed primarily for those instances where running power by wire may be more convenient than running it with tape; for ... more info
CK1028-6 Single Receptacle Ext. Cords (4 pak)

CK1028-7 Triple Receptacle Ext. Cords (2 pak)

CK1031 Headless Pins


Model: CK1031
Price: $3.96

These pins are an integral part of the CK104 wiring kit and are used during the wiring process as electrical standoffs and connection points between ... more info