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CK1028-6 Single Receptacle Ext. Cords (4 pak)

CK1028-7 Triple Receptacle Ext. Cords (2 pak)

CK1031 Headless Pins


Model: CK1031
Price: $3.96

These pins are an integral part of the CK104 wiring kit and are used during the wiring process as electrical standoffs and connection points between ... more info
CK1033-1 Solder Spool (4 ft.)


Model: CK1033-1
Price: $3.96

Use this high-quality solder in conjunction with our CK1053 soldering iron for all your soldering needs. The 60% tin, 40% lead alloy composition ... more info
CK1041 Brass Head Hammer


Model: CK1041
Price: $10.96

The CK1041 hammer, as shown, has been specially designed and manufactured for Cir-Kit Concepts to aid and simplify the brass brad and eyelet ... more info
CK1042 Short Nose Pliers


Model: CK1042
Price: $12.96

Excellent for holding and inserting 1/8" brass brads in the various tape installation steps, these pliers have proven to be one of the most ... more info
CK1043 Swivel-head Flashlight


Model: CK1043
Price: $4.96

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than working inside an unlit dollhouse room. Whether it's during the construction process or when ... more info
CK1045 #0 Wood Screws (20 pak)


Model: CK1045
Price: $1.96

These small threaded wood screws are useful in any miniature project requiring small fasteners. The screws are approximately 7/16" long and ... more info
CK1047 Vignette Light Set (w/switch and 4W bulb)

Use this 115 vac lighting set for backlighting any vignette box or miniature room. Locate the 4-watt bulb behind a back wall to create a completely ... more info
CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket


Model: CK1047-1
Price: $3.48

If you're looking for a quick and easy indirect lighting source, the CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket is the answer.  With this special socket you ... more info