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CK1049-4 Terminal Block Jumpers (6 pak)


Model: CK1049-4
Price: $4.96

A convenient method of joining terminal block screws together. These jumpers eliminate the need for running wires between screws when fan-out of ... more info
CK1050 Jeweler's Screwdriver Set


Model: CK1050
Price: $4.96

This set of five nickel-plated jeweler's screwdrivers is a must for installing or removing any small gauge screw. They have been designed with ... more info
CK1051 Bulb Extractor


Model: CK1051
Price: $3.96

At last a tool to eliminate the maddening task of screw bulb removal. Some chandeliers are designed in such a manner as to make bulb removal nearly ... more info
CK1052 Wire Stripper


Model: CK1052
Price: $1.96

Use this handy wire stripper for stripping CK203-1 speaker type 24 gauge wire. Simply clip over wire, compress teeth and pull. Illustrated ... more info
CK1053 Low-Voltage Soldering Iron


Model: CK1053
Price: $14.96

Our low-voltage soldering iron works with any 5 watt or larger 12-volt Cir-Kit Concepts' transformer or 12-volt car battery. Heats to solder ... more info
CK1054 Brad Placement Tool


Model: CK1054
Price: $10.96

Brad Insertion Simplified Over the years, the use of tapewire has become the predominate worldwide method of dollhouse wiring. Its versatility and ... more info
CK106 Power Strip Wiring Kit (15 pcs.)


Model: CK106
Price: $46.96

CK106 CONTENTS: 1 CK1008-4 Powerstrip w/switch & fuse 3 CK1028-6 Single Receptacle Extension Cords (4 pak) 1 CK1028-7 Triple Receptacle Extension ... more info
CK1101 - 1 Amp. Diodes (2 pak)


Model: CK1101
Price: $1.19

When connected in series with a dc load such as a locomotive engine, these diodes will have a voltage drop of 0.7 volts each. Two connected in series ... more info
CK1102 Flanged Spade Lugs, Insulated (6 pak)

The CK1102 spade lugs may be attached to a wide range of 18-24 gauge wire sizes and used for connecting wires either to transformer or terminal block ... more info
CK201 Mini Drill


Model: CK201
Price: $10.96

If you've ever had to drill small holes in hardboard materials you know there has to be a better way.  The pin vise method sometimes just ... more info