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CK1051 Bulb Extractor


Model: CK1051
Price: $3.96

At last a tool to eliminate the maddening task of screw bulb removal. Some chandeliers are designed in such a manner as to make bulb removal nearly ... more info
CK1052 Wire Stripper


Model: CK1052
Price: $1.96

Use this handy wire stripper for stripping CK203-1 speaker type 24 gauge wire. Simply clip over wire, compress teeth and pull. Illustrated ... more info
CK1053 Low-Voltage Soldering Iron


Model: CK1053
Price: $14.96

Our low-voltage soldering iron works with any 5 watt or larger 12-volt Cir-Kit Concepts' transformer or 12-volt car battery. Heats to solder ... more info
CK1054 Brad Placement Tool


Model: CK1054
Price: $10.96

Brad Insertion Simplified Over the years, the use of tapewire has become the predominate worldwide method of dollhouse wiring. Its versatility and ... more info

Model: CK106
Price: $46.96

CK106 CONTENTS: 1 CK1008-4 Powerstrip w/switch & fuse 3 CK1028-6 Single Receptacle Extension Cords (4 pak) 1 CK1028-7 Triple Receptacle Extension ... more info
CK1101 - 1 Amp. Diodes (2 pak)


Model: CK1101
Price: $1.19

When connected in series with a dc load such as a locomotive engine, these diodes will have a voltage drop of 0.7 volts each. Two connected in series ... more info
CK1102 Flanged Spade Lugs, Insulated (6 pak)

The CK1102 spade lugs may be attached to a wide range of 18-24 gauge wire sizes and used for connecting wires either to transformer or terminal block ... more info

Model: CK201
Price: $10.96

If you've ever had to drill small holes in hardboard materials you know there has to be a better way.  The pin vise method sometimes just ... more info
CK203 32 GA., 2-Conductor Wire (25' shank)

The size of our miniature two-conductor "zip" cord (.021" by .047") makes it one of the smallest two-conductor cords to be found ... more info
CK203-1 24 GA., 2-Conductor Wire (15' roll)

Use this wire for those projects requiring heavier current capabilities. The "zip" type wire separate once started. Heavy enough for wiring ... more info