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CK1006 Thru Splice


Model: CK1006
Price: $1.96

A specially cut splice for thru-wall and thru-floor applications. As its name implies, this splice provides a means of interconnecting tape runs on ... more info
CK1007 Junction Splice


Model: CK1007
Price: $4.36

The CK1007 Junction Splice serves as the juncture point for connecting the lead-in wire to a tape run. The imbedded nails, in addition to holding the ... more info
CK1007-1 Junction Splice Extender


Model: CK1007-1
Price: $4.96

If you wish to install your Junction Splice in a less conspicuous location, such as under the dollhouse, use this extender for easy electrical ... more info

Model: CK1008-4
Price: $14.96

*Transformer not included. Replacement fuse: CK1024 2 Ampere Fuse
CK1010-10 12V Spotlight Bulb


Model: CK1010-10
Price: $4.96

This CK1010-10 Spotlight Bulb is a one of a kind bulb. Not only does it provide an extremely bright and focused beam of light, but also swivels in a ... more info
CK1010-12 12V Micro-Flame Bulb w/wire terminals

These are the same bulbs as the preceeding, but with wire terminals rather than insulated wires. Use wherever a "to scale" flame look is ... more info
CK1010-12(B) 12V Micro-Flame Bulb w/wire terminals (100 pak)

These are the smallest flame-tip bulbs to be found anywhere, measuring a mere .079" (2.0 mm) in diameter. Use wherever a "to scale" ... more info
CK1010-27 12V Canister Light


Model: CK1010-27
Price: $4.96

Our new canister light provides a convenient and easy to install recessed light for any room. Excellent for all those areas requiring a flush and ... more info
CK1010-27A 12V Canister Light Bulb Only


Model: CK1010-27A
Price: $2.48

Bulb measures 0.4" long by 0.2" in diameter and draws approximately 190 ma. Eyelet is 0.24" long with a flange diameter of 0.35". ... more info
CK1010-28 Swivel-head Flashlight Replacement Bulb