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CK1026 In-Line Fuseholder


Model: CK1026
Price: $1.96

The CK1026 in-line fuseholder is used in conjunction with the CK1024 series of fuses for system protection. Easily assembled, the fuseholder connects ... more info


These cords have been developed primarily for those instances where running power by wire may be more convenient than running it with tape; for ... more info
CK1028-6 Single Receptacle Ext. Cords (4 pak)


Model: CK1028-6
Price: $12.96

CK1028-7 Triple Receptacle Ext. Cords (2 pak)


Model: CK1028-7
Price: $11.96

CK1031 Headless Pins


Model: CK1031
Price: $4.48

These pins are an integral part of the CK104 wiring kit and are used during the wiring process as electrical standoffs and connection points between ... more info
CK1033-1 Solder Spool (4 ft.)


Model: CK1033-1
Price: $6.96

Use this high-quality solder in conjunction with our CK1053 soldering iron for all your soldering needs. The 60% tin, 40% lead alloy composition ... more info
CK1041 Brass Head Hammer


Model: CK1041
Price: $10.96

The CK1041 hammer, as shown, has been specially designed and manufactured for Cir-Kit Concepts to aid and simplify the brass brad and eyelet ... more info
CK1042 Short Nose Pliers


Model: CK1042
Price: $9.96

Excellent for holding and inserting 1/8" brass brads in the various tape installation steps, these pliers have proven to be one of the most ... more info
CK1043 Swivel-head Flashlight


Model: CK1043
Price: $4.96

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than working inside an unlit dollhouse room. Whether it's during the construction process or when ... more info
CK1045 #0 Wood Screws (20 pak)


Model: CK1045
Price: $1.96

These small threaded wood screws are useful in any miniature project requiring small fasteners. The screws are approximately 7/16" long and ... more info