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CK1047 Vignette Light Set (w/switch and 4W bulb)

Use this 115 vac lighting set for backlighting any vignette box or miniature room. Locate the 4-watt bulb behind a back wall to create a completely ... more info
CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket


Model: CK1047-1
Price: $4.96

If you're looking for a quick and easy indirect lighting source, the CK1047-1 Candelabra Socket is the answer.  With this special socket you ... more info
CK1048 In-Line Switch


Model: CK1048
Price: $2.96

Use this switch wherever on/off power control is desired. It may be used on either 12 or 115 volt lines with zip type cords between 16 and 20 gauge. ... more info
CK1048-1 Small Slide Switch


Model: CK1048-1
Price: $1.96

Our small SPDT slide switch is well suited for round wire systems involving soldered connections in imbedded locations. It may be located in a wall ... more info
CK1049-3 Two-Pole Pound-In Terminal Block


Model: CK1049-3
Price: $9.96

The CK1049-3 allows for a quick and easy wire connection to any double conductor tape run. Simply place the protruding pins over the respective ... more info
CK1049-4 Terminal Block Jumpers (6 pak)


Model: CK1049-4
Price: $7.96

A convenient method of joining terminal block screws together. These jumpers eliminate the need for running wires between screws when fan-out of ... more info
CK1050 Jeweler's Screwdriver Set


Model: CK1050
Price: $4.96

This set of five nickel-plated jeweler's screwdrivers is a must for installing or removing any small gauge screw. They have been designed with ... more info
CK1051 Bulb Extractor


Model: CK1051
Price: $17.96

At last a tool to eliminate the maddening task of screw bulb removal. Some chandeliers are designed in such a manner as to make bulb removal nearly ... more info
CK1052 Wire Stripper


Model: CK1052
Price: $2.96

Use this handy wire stripper for stripping CK203-1 speaker type 24 gauge wire. Simply clip over wire, compress teeth and pull. Illustrated ... more info
CK1053 Low-Voltage Soldering Iron


Model: CK1053
Price: $16.96

Our low-voltage soldering iron works with any 5 watt or larger 12-volt Cir-Kit Concepts' transformer or 12-volt car battery. Heats to solder ... more info